Did we already tell you we really like holiday villas and houses? Last year we had the chance to stay in dreamy villas on Greek islands, we even experienced Africa while staying in a private villa in the Namib Desert.


Today we are camping at the luxury villas of Levi Spirit in Finish Lapland. We found out about these vacation houses via our friends of Nordic Luxury Travel who know the North like no other. Our villa number 5 has it all: five bedrooms, a giant spa room with sauna, outside and inside Jacuzzi, glass windows so you can watch a giant projector screen while relaxing in the tubs or the sauna. The design and style of the villas are top notch. Glass and kitchen wear from Iittala, Hackmann cooking pots,..This might sound normal but believe me, often you find crap (Ikea) stuff in rental houses and not the expensive and timeless tools they have here at Levi Spirit.

When the temperature drops far below -20C, we relax in our villa close to the fireplace (inside or even outside) or in the sauna and enjoy the leisurely, Lappish life…

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