As much a travel experience as a driving one, Nordic Luxury specializes in taking their clients to some of the most remote locations on earth. These include Iceland, remote parts of Scandinavia, as well as Greenland, and even the South Pole. Such extreme locations require some of the most robust vehicles on the planet and you’ll get to experience what Icelanders refer to as, “Fully Grown Trucks.” Made by Arctic Trucks, and made famous by Top Gear’s North Pole expedition, these monster trucks feature 44-inch balloon tires, a jacked-up suspension and a widened body.

298_298_nordic-luxury-races-for-the-rest-of-usForget about the trucks (if you can) for a moment and consider what you’ll be seeing. The Northern Lights, fjords, trees frozen white, and water so cold it glows blue. Haven’t you always wanted to drive up and into a volcano? Now’s your chance.

How to Enter
Location: Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Experience Needed: None at all.
Beware: Driving in windstorms in Iceland carries the risk of volcanic dust. You’ll want to roll up the window or wear safety goggles.