Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s a Bell 420 from Helo Helicopters zipping through the air on a fluffy, sunny day above Reykjavik. For those with a bit of a more flexible budget, hopping on a helicopter in Iceland is a real treat. Our ride is organised by Nordic Luxury, a bespoke travel agent catering to the more discerning travellers. If Sting or David Duchovny is in town, they call Karl Olafsson fromNordic Luxury. Because Karl is a cheerful Viking, with good contacts on the island who can like today, fly us out of the city into a geothermal hot zone where we can enjoy the solitude and remoteness of Iceland. Even in these modern days, you still need a Viking who can make things happen. After this relaxing heli ride we jump into our 4×4 and start the circumnavigation of Iceland. As of today the N1 will be our closest friend, together with a sturdy Land Rover of course.